Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ceresville Mansion Wedding - Beautiful Place for a Wedding

 The Groom's first look at his beautiful Bride.

 This is always a Wonderful Moment at every Wedding.

 Great place to get Married! Notice the reflection of the Bride and Groom in the Water. A photographer's dream spot to record the bride and groom's happy memories.


 Selective Coloring works really good here! Her bouquet was too pretty to turn into black and white.


 Time to Party. The staff at Ceresville Mansion did a great job.



 Cake Cut with a little reflection.


Monday, September 9, 2013

Certified Professional Photographer Program for PPA - Images that I recently submitted. The images passed the rigorous standards that the Certification Committee judges have set. We are celebrating in the studio today. I have been certified for many years now, but the switch to digital photography made the challenge a bit harder. There has been so much to learn (and continually learn). Digital photography is so much more time consuming that it was harder to find the time to take the test and submit the images for judging, but I am very glad that that project is done. Now on to the next thing...redesigning the studio and ordering new large canvas wraps!! Oh, and figuring out SEO! Haha...fat chance.

This is the Compulsory submission. On the left is the Short 3 to l, and on the right is the Broad 3 to 1. A huge thank you to Ashley Sandgren for all her beautiful work on hair and makeup that day. We had a lot of young folks come in wanting Hollywood Style Portraits, so we used a very different kind of lighting.

This is the Selective Category with a masculine pose.

This is the Selective Category under Symmetrical.

This is the Selective Category under High Key

This is the Compulsory Category under Selective Focus under Minimal Depth of Field